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We are here to spread the idea of healthy eating in the form of whole food and provide easy access to healthy food source to more Malaysians.

We source our fresh vegetables and fruits directly from at least 8 different organic farms distributed across Malaysia. These vegetables are directly packed by us once they arrived and store directly in our cold storage or display chillers. The temperature is maintained between 4 and 8 deg Celsius to prolong freshness of the organic produces.

We are also selling organic groceries such as flour, beans, noodles, seasonings, oil, etc. for consumers' daily cooking essentials. Most of these organic products are certified by MyOrganic, USDA, ACO, etc. Organic poultries such as organically grown free range chicken and eggs are in store too. In order to complete the healthy eating plate, we introduce local seafood caught by fishermen with small boats. Seafood was cleaned, vacuum packed, deep freeze straight upon arrival the Jetty. Lab test was done periodically on the seafood ensuring no trace of Formaldehyde.

We provide retail, restaurant and wholesale experiences to customers. Customers can walk-in to hand pick their choice of organic produces or can have us send the items to them. We will be using services from delivery companies such as Lalamove, Mr Speedy, Grab Express, etc. Our store also provide cooked meals where customers can place order directly with us and pick them up at our store or order them through Grab Food. For those looking for business opportunity or buying in bulk together with friends and family, we offer vegetables at lower price with minimum order quantity on Supply Bunny.