No Medication Required - Insomnia Treatment with Probiotics

No Medication Required - Insomnia Treatment with Probiotics

Unable to Sleep Through The Night

I have been hearing my customers and family members saying that they have hard time with their sleep at night. Some wakes up at 3 am and unable to go back to their sleep. Have their eyes open throughout the night, with their thoughts wondering around the problems they faced at work or in their home. A few of them couldn't sleep at all, they turn to their mobile phone, watched videos after videos on YouTube and TikTok. When they finally can sleep, it is 4 am and they should wake up in another 3 hours for work. 

This kind of sleep disorder (insomnia) has been affecting people more than they realized. They feel tired and unwell during work hours. Causing disruptions in work and reduction of work performance. Some experience slower reflexes, slower thinking or bad memory than they used to be. Mood disruptions such as irritability are common too.

There are few ways (diet, change of habits, exercise, medication, etc.) to improve insomnia but I like to go with natural supplement method this time. This method is suitable for:

-        busy people

-        those who do not want to make changes to their daily routine

-        insomnia due to stress

-        insomnia due to unclear reason

-        most probably everyone

 PROBIOTICS would be the supplement that I recommend. So, why probiotics you may ask.

You might have heard the saying “Gut is human’s second brain”. According to Harvard Medical School, our gut has very extensive network that make use of similar chemicals and cells as our brain to help us digest and alert the brain when something is not right. In other words, gut health has close connection with our brain’s health; this relationship is called gut-brain axis. Gut-Brian Axis can affect our immune system and hormones. This is the part where probiotics come into play. 

When you take probiotics regularly, the micorobiome in our gut will create neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Which will relax our brain and improve our sleep quality. So, taking probiotics = good sleep quality =  improved insomnia. However, I would like to stress that you need good quality probiotics in order to benefits from it.

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 Choosing Probiotics

There are too many probiotics supplement in the market. Some in the form of powder and some in the form of capsule. Some come with prebiotics while other come with both prebiotics and postbiotics. Some customers of mine tried brand A, when they didn’t get the results they want, the move to brand B. Then to C, D and so on. When it comes to insomnia’s daily torturing to yourself and to those around you, you need to make the right choice as soon as possible.

Step 1: Microbes . The more the merrier.
Look at the types of microbes the probiotic supplement offers. Usually, names of microbes are written on the box of the probiotic supplement. Imagine microbes are like human, they have a name (species) and a surname (genus). The common microbes that we see on probiotics supplements and yogurt are Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Streptococcus Acidilactici, Ruminococcus Bromii and a few more.

There are about 300 to 1000 species of microbes in our gut. Imagine that you only take 10 microbe strains daily, hoping that these tiny portions of microbes will make your life better. This is the common plateau that people are facing. Taking the same small genus of probiotics over and over again hoping that they can accomplish something not designed to solve. 

Step 2: Capsule. Better with capsule.

There are other features to look at such as, is it in the form of capsule or is it in the form of powder. Capsule protects the probiotics from being killed by your stomach while travelling to your gut. There is no point to consume great quality probiotics but have most of them killed in your stomach.

Step 3: Prebiotics. Plus point if available.

You might come across the word “prebiotics” when you go through some probiotic supplements. Prebiotics are the food for the microbes. Usually are made with vegetables such as broccoli. Prebiotics help microbes to grow faster in our gut. Probiotic supplement users should practice balanced diet where the portion of carbohydrate, protein and vegetables should be 1 : 1 : 2 . Change of diet could really create a more microbe-friendly environment in our gut.

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What I Recommend
I came across a probiotic supplement which I think is of high quality. It is made in Japan with high quality fermented soy bean. They use very diversified soil from multiple states in Japan for the process. Water quality was also taken care of, making sure they are really good. These high-quality probiotics contain 160 genus of microbe totaling to 14,000 species and are encapsulated in vegan capsule. Prebiotics (made with reishi mushroom and broccoli) are also included into the capsules. Based on the feedbacks from my customers, my family members and myself, I would strongly recommend this probiotic supplement to you if you do not have time to do further researches on which probiotic supplement to take. Click here to purchase.