Improve Cholesterol with Ultra Low-Fat Diet | No Pills

Improve Cholesterol with Ultra Low-Fat Diet | No Pills

What is Ultra Low Fat Diet

This is a tested diet program (390 participants) that improves body health especially High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and High Blood Sugar. The food for this diet follows these characteristics:

  • Whole food ingredients (> 90%)
  • Organic ingredients (> 90%)
  • Use sea salt, soy sauce, organic mushroom seasoning
  • Less than 1 teaspoon or no oil
  • Vegetarian
  • Use of low GI Sugar (Dates Sugar & Coconut Flower Sugar)
  • Low usage of salt
  • No high GI fruits

The meal plate is divided into 4 portions to provide balanced nutrition with ratio 1:1:2 of carbohydrate, protein and vegetables respectively.

The Test

Our store first introduced this Ultra Low-Fat diet in the year 2021, collaborated with Tzu Chi Foundation to serve Ultra Low-Fat meals to over 90 people. Another 200 people joined this program through other restaurants at the same time. We took care of their lunch and dinner for 21 days. The diet was designed by a nutritionist recommended by Tzu Chi Foundation. The core principle is to prepare food using less than 1 teaspoon of oil, very little salt and no sugar. The second round of such program was carried out about a year later in 2022 where about a total of 100 people joined.

The Participants

Participants ranges from 20 years old to 85 years old with a mixture of male and female. All participants (approximately 390 people) from both rounds of program took their blood test before the diet starts and at the end of the diet. Participants are recommened to take light breakfast such as oat, sweet corn, sweet potato and vermicelli but very less oil and no sugar should be used. Participants are requried to consume lunch and dinner prepared by us and other participating restaurants. Strictly no food in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Results

At least 80% of the participants recorded improvements in their Blood Sugar Level, Blood Pressure Level and Cholesterol Level. Some experienced better sleep quality while many reported to have better bowel movement. A few mentioned that they reduced or no longer taking medication to control Cholesterol Level.


We will be running the program few times each year. Please follow our Facebook so that you will be notified before we start the program. Registration form and prices will be shown on our Facebook Page.

Sample Meals

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