Meet the chef

Originally called Farmland Organic (2001 - 2016). The Pumpkin was established in 2019.



Heong (owner) runs the kitchen here while pastries are made by Katherine and Janet (owner). They are self taught chefs, learning from experiences and plenty of resources online. 

They believe eating whole food and the right food provide benefits to the body in the long run. Ingredients are carefully selected so that dishes are healthy and affordable.

Menu is developed together among The Pumpkin crew for more diversified and fusion food so that healthy food wouldn't turn out to be dull and not tasty.



Uses pans and woks for most of the dishes.



Sides of our daily sets changes daily. Most of the recipes are inspired from Chinese dishes. You may see Malaysian fusion dishes from time to time too. 

We like to use higher quality ingredients in our dishes such as organic vegetables, organic chicken, sea salt, rice bran oil, brown sugar, etc. We do not use MSG in our dishes. 



Breads, Paus, Muffins, Cakes are made by Katherine and Janet.



The way food are prepared here are less oil, less salt, less sugar and no MSG. Some vegetables are prepared by blanching while some uses air fryer to reduce amount of oil used.