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Veggie Bag (approx. 6 dishes)

RM 39.00

Approximately 6 main vegetable dishes for 3 person is just a rough guidance to give a better picture the size of this Vege Bag.

However, it all depends on the portion each person can take and the recipes. Some might find it suitable for 8 dishes or more and some might find it sufficient for 4 dishes only.

We recommend our users to consume these vegetables within 3 days for best freshness and nutrition. Their freshness and nutrition don't last very long even refrigerated. 

Organic mushroom supply is not much in the market and considering balanced nutrition of our beloved customers, we will put in conventional mushrooms in to the Vege Bag sometimes. However, we will do our best to provide organic mushrooms.

Kindly go though FAQ before making any purchase.

Vegetables will be given in random orders. However, the randomness will always follow these:

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